Fenway the Beagle Girl is Home!!!!

From Fenway's Owners

FENWAY IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About 10:30 tonight, a lady called saying that she had just seen Fenway heading into the marshy area on East Street near Doe Meadow. We ran to the car (in our pajamas!) and drove over there. We called and called, shining the flashlight into the marsh. Nothing.

 We were driving by one more time when out she came! At first she was afraid, but then recognized John's voice and came over to him. She seems in pretty good shape, but we'll get her to... the vet tomorrow. She's sound asleep now.

God bless Melissa, who called us tonight, and to all of you good people, especially Karen M., who were so kind and helpful to us.
Thank you, thank you

Fenway dad escaped through the gate and went for a walk-about on March 15, 2014 in Rockwood Drive area of Southington and had not returned. 

Robin Lee Michel March 31, 2014 at 11:31 PM
Truly amazing! I'm very happy for you all! Now if she could only tell about her adventures....


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