Despite Concerns Over Price, Town Approves Mailbox Replacement Policy

Members of the Democratic party expressed concerns that it could leave some residents fronting costs, but the policy is designed to protect both residents and the town.

Credit: Patch Archives.
Credit: Patch Archives.
Residents in Southington will now have assurance that if a plow should take out their mailbox, the town will front the bill - but only up to a $75 replacement.

Members of the Southington Town Council this week passed a motion allowing for the implementation of a direct mailbox replacement policy, designed to protect both the town and residents. The policy calls for a $50 replacement for the mailbox and $25 for the pole.

"There was a lack of structure and we looked at other towns in area for best compensation," Southington Town Manager Garry Brumback told the council at a previous meeting. "This policy was developed based on others in existence and fair compensation for an incidental knock down."

But members of the council, including Democrat John Barry, expressed concerns that the policy should look to provide fair compensation based on each situation.

Barry expressed concerns that some, looking to improve their homes and neighborhoods, may have mailboxes that cost well in excess of $75 based on costs available for a wide selection online. Councilman Paul Champagne said the stores, however, offer a selection of mailboxes at this price and it was something that residents should consider before purchasing a new mailbox.

The bigger concern, Barry said, is for seniors and those with disabilities who would not only have to replace the boxes, but in many cases may also have to hire the help to do so because they are physically unable to.

"It is unfair for (the town) to place a cost on residents and make them pay money for something that isn’t their fault," Barry said.

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Daniel W. December 11, 2013 at 12:16 PM
Maybe if the plows didn't go 40 mph in a 25 mph speed limit zone, there would not be such high replacement costs. We appreciate the efforts and hard work our plow drivers do, but last evening, I was amazed how fast the plow was speeding down my 25mph street....


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