State Gas Prices Near One-Year High

Gas prices have increased more than five cents in a week.

The price of gas in Connecticut keeps going up. Today's $4.14 per gallon average is nearly as much as the one-year high in April, according to ConnecticutGasPrices.com.

Patrick DeHaan, an analyst at GasBuddy.com (the parent company of ConnecticutGasPrices.com) remains optimistic that prices will come down in the short term.

Prices in Southington currently range from $3.99 as a low, located at the Gasman station at the corner of Main Street and Bristol Street, to $4.29 at the Shell Station on Queen Street.

"The national average continues to hover near its higher ever September level," DeHaan said in a statement.

He added, "As we push deeper into September, the more optimistic I am that these high prices will begin to come down slightly, but with the recently announced [quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve], I'm a bit concerned that prices won't moderate as much as previously expected as the dollar weakens, leading me to believe 2012 will have featured the highest yearly average ever."

The national average per gallon is $3.82.

To find the cheapest gas prices in the area, check the Southington Patch commute section.


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