What Does MLK Mean To You? Tell Us In Six Words

Your Six Words could be about Dr. King’s legacy, your experience with equality, race and identity, or what bridge-building means to you—just choose your words wisely.

"Martin Luther King Memorial" by Alves Family via Creative Commons (CC by 2.0)
"Martin Luther King Memorial" by Alves Family via Creative Commons (CC by 2.0)
This article is written by Larry Smith:

On Monday, Jan. 20, 2014 we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday with MLK day, a federal holiday and national day of service. 

Among Dr. King’s many gifts was his ability to spread his message of racial equity and community through the power of words. 

In celebration of a man who made each word count, this week’s Six-Word Caption Contest on sixwordmemoirs.com asks you to sum up the photo you see here in a half-dozen well-chosen words. Tell us in the comments section, below.
Scott Cowden January 20, 2014 at 08:29 AM
Hmmmm. The fact of the matter is that MLK was a drug using womanizer who even ridiculed, and made jokes about, JFK during his funeral. Amazing that schools are closed for this one guy, yet they're wide open on Veterans day, when we're supposed to honor the hundreds of thousands of men & women who gave their life for this country over the centuries.


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