Gas Prices Heading Back Up

After months of decline gasoline is becoming more expensive.

As if Connecticut didn't get enough bad news recently with word that we have the highest gas prices in the continental U.S., now comes a report that the downward trend of gas prices is coming to an end.

Gas prices nationally have gone back up by nearly a dime in the last two weeks, according to a CNN report. In Connecticut, that trend is apparent as well, with gas prices rising from an average of $3.64 for a gallon of regular a month ago to the current average of $3.81 for a gallon of regular, data from the AAA's fuel gauge report shows.

In the Southington area, you will have to travel to West Hartford for the lowest price availble. The Mobil station at 519 Farmington Ave. has the closest to the national average, with a gallon of regular going for $3.59, according to ConnecticutGasPrices.com.

In the Meriden area, the BP Station at 407 W. Main St. and the 7-Eleven on the Chamberlain Highway are each offering a gallon of regular gas for $3.65.

Despite months of stability at the pump, the price of crude oil -- which drives the retail cost of gasoline -- shot up about $3 a barrel in the past two weeks, closing Friday at more than $90 barrel, the CNN report says.

In Connecticut, the Bridgeport metropolitan area currently has the highest gas prices, with a gallon of regular selling for about $3.92 on average, AAA reports.

The New Haven-Meriden area is just behind it, with a gallon of regular selling for $3.79 on average. In the New London and Hartford areas gas is selling for an average of $3.78 for a gallon of regular right now.


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