Meet the Democrat: Gail Doerfler

A look at Gail Doerfler, Democratic candidate for Southington Board of Education.

Gail Doerfler. (Credit: Submitted)
Gail Doerfler. (Credit: Submitted)
"Meet the Candidates" is a feature on Southington Patch designed to help you get to know your local candidates before you take to the polls this November. Each profile was submitted directly by the candidate. 

Take a moment to review each profile so you can be informed and prepared when you go to the polls on Nov. 5, 2013.

This week, we are looking at the Southington Board of Education candidates.

Editor's Note: Gail Doerfler submitted her own, independent questionnaire.

Name: Gail Doerfler
Age: Not Give
Party, Board Seeking: Democrat, Southington Board of Education
Occupation, if applicable: Retired Teacher
Education: Ferrum College, AA, North Carolina Wesleyan, BA, Central Conn. State University, MS

Are teacher and administrators salaries appropriate? Please explain why or why not.
Yes, teaching is a highly skilled profession requiring a graduate level education.   Both teachers and administrators put in long hours beyond the classroom schedule to prepare lesson plans, evaluations, schedules, grading papers and meeting with parents and students. Teachers spend time after school giving extra help to students. Many teachers support their students by attending student events such as athletics, plays, clubs, chaperoning dances and proms etc. That being said it is important that salaries are competitive in order to attract the most qualified people.

What is your outlook on security for the schools?  What would you like to see for the future?
I believe the school district needs to be vigilant in their efforts to protect students and staff in Southington schools. The one thing that all parents want more than anything else is to have their children return safe and sound at the end of the school day. Southington has done an excellent job assisting staff via "lockdown drills", enhanced security, and addition resource officers. Continuous collaboration between the  State and local Police Departments to maximize student safety.

What are some things you would like to see on the budget next year?
If you are not moving forward in a school district, you are losing ground. Southington has made great strides in a number of areas including full day kindergarten; however the district needs to continue to look for ways to best prepare students for the future.

With the gifted and talented programs being cut, do you think this hurts enrichment for students?
Cutting the school district's talented and gifted programs was an unfortunate result of budget priorities. Students still have "Project Lead the Way" for those interested in math and science. The school also has a number of outstanding programs for students involved in performing arts and music. Cutting the gifted and talented programs was not a positive step.

With budgets being tight, how do you ensure children are getting what they need without costing the taxpayers more money?
We have to learn to do things more efficiently without sacrificing quality. This is not an easy task and takes all members of the community working together.

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