"As CEO, Obama Gets an 'F' for IRS, Benghazi, Obamacare"

Obama is dishonest, unprincipled and incompetent as president. …"CEOs must set ethical boundaries for their managers’ conduct."... "Simply, Obama’s hard left agenda requires him to treat the constitution and Congress as mere inconveniences – expediency is his ethical standard."… "The Obama Credo of Management: We’ll do as we please, stop us if you can."… "Cabinet secretaries and agency heads took their cues from the boss. At State, Justice and the IRS senior management would have had us believe they were unaware of what was happening in Benghazi, with the Associated Press, or at the Cincinnati Office of the IRS. And the president only learns about many problems when reported in the news?

"Obama simply has been too busy giving speeches, raising money, and trying to turn every event to political advantage to keep tabs on his managers, as any good CEOs would do."… "The president has managed to countenance management failures that cost the lives of Americans abroad, weaken our national security, rock public confidence in government, and threaten our Constitutionally guaranteed liberties."… "By his own actions, he is arrogantly ambitious but sadly incompetent. He has corrupted the foundations of our Republic, and for that he gets a failing grade."
 By: Peter Morici http://www.newsmax.com/newswidget/obama-ceo-management-morici/2013/05/19/id/505265?


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