Comic Relief: 'Dude, It's a Rad Bromance'

A little "Comic Relief!" to help you smile through the trials and tribulations of the mid-week madness. Get ready to share the love because today we are exploring the ins and outs of bromance.

If you’ve read ‘Comic Relief!’ each week, then you already know I am a big fan of the hit CBS comedy “How I Met Your Mother” – a show written by two Wesleyan University graduates, by the way. One thing I love in particular about the show is the comical, yet positive spin that the writers put on today’s topic “Bromance.”

The show embraces the love between two men, as awkward as it may be at times, through the relationships between Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson as well as Ted and Marshall Eriksen. Of course, their sacred bond is regulated strictly by the 150 Article document known as “The Bro Code.” (Editors Note: Guys, you need to read this. I am also obligated by “The Bro Code” to inform women that there is nothing worth reading.)

Bromance” is a term that has only recently come into play as movies over the past 15 years have thrust these types of relationships into the spotlight. Well today, we are going to break down the ins and outs of the best “bromances” of all-time, including a top five list of the best “bromance” movies.

Women since the dawn of time have found close friendships and compassion in one another. They shop together, spend days at the spa together, know everything about one another and aren’t afraid to embrace each other with a hug when it is needed. They tell each other all the time that they love one another.

Now let’s be absolutely clear: this is not a criticism of women. If anything, they should be praised because they’ve had it right all along.

The fact is, sometimes it’s just easier to relate to the same gender. That doesn’t mean you are “attracted” to one another. There are a few exceptions, however, and things can get awfully awkward when bros aren’t on the same page.

Don’t believe me? Well then just ask Joel McHale. Trust me, just click on the link.

So what is a “bromance?” By definition, it is the purely platonic love of two men who share any number of mutual bonds between one another. And yes, “bromances” are a beautiful thing. They are downright awesome, actually.

Although “bromances” are seen as a new concept to many and have been seen as a combination of acceptable and comedic thanks to popular reality shows such as Jersey Shore or The Real World, the truth is “bromance” has a long history.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle touched on the “bromance” with his story of the popular fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.

Even before that, William Shakespeare documented the great “bromances” of all-time in establishing the bonds between Mercutio and Romeo in his classic work Romeo & Juliet, as well as using the play Julius Caesar to establish a well-documented “bromance” between Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus. The latter, as we all know, was a different kind of “bromance” that went dreadfully wrong.

But enough about history, right? You want to know who has the best movie and television “bromances” so here goes.

5. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, “I Love You, Man” (2009): This film touches on the very essence that is the “bromance” and exactly how hard it can be to find. Rudd stars as Peter Klaven, a man about to marry who doesn’t have a male friend in the world. He goes on several “bro dates” before finally finding a forever companion in Sydney Fife. It also promotes , which is another bonus.

4. Zach Braff and Donald Faison, “Scrubs” (2001-2010): Doctors “JD,” played by Braff, and Turk have a relationship that is just awesome. These two best friends do everything together and maintain their love even after Turk gets engaged and later married. Amazing.

3. George Clooney and Brad Pitt: OK, so this isn’t a specific movie or television show, but these two have starred in many movies together and they have established a true “Hollywood Bromance” by all definitions. Its hard to find another pair of men in the bright lights of southern California who have a better friendship than them, and for that, they get the number three spot.

2. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, “Good Will Hunting” (1997): There was no question that this movie made an impression and in the process, it helped establish the credibility of the “bromance” in that purely platonic sense. Great movie. Great “bromance” – and one that the two had and would continue to share in real life.

1. Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Radnor, “How I Met Your Mother” (2005-Present): In case you haven’t noticed by now, pretty much anything I say or write should probably come with a spoiler alert. This is easily my top choice as the two come together to create the bar “Puzzles” (Why is it called “Puzzles?” That’s the puzzle). If you have any questions as to why I approve of this as the best “bromance” of all time, just watch the video in the link provided.

An honorable mention also goes to The Hangover for its great portrayal of brotherly love as show in the clip here.

I know, this has been a bit of a “bromance bro-verload” today, but don’t worry, it’s over. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

It's only Wednesday, but it feels like the weekend should have been here two days ago. You have a full plate ahead, lots of work left to do, classes at Southington High School or college to sit through or are just plain in need of a break. We have you covered.

Patrick Holland April 05, 2012 at 03:14 PM
For Ben and Matt dogma ruled as the had a bromance that lasted hundreds of years. Also where is Kirk and Spock ????? A tv show and many movies


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