Letters to the Editor: Supporting Continued Success (Republican Endorsements)

Ronnie Brzezinski back Jill Notar-Francesco for BOE; Republican Mike Riccio asks residents to support continued success; John Leary, Republican Board of Finance candidate, asks residents to vote for the most qualified.

Southington Patch has received numerous Letters to the Editor over the past several days…and we are happy to hear from you!

Due to the large volume of letters we have received in regard to this year’s local elections, and in the interest of fairness to all involved, we will be publishing three letters per day endorsing each party or members of each party. These letters are being published in the order they were received.

There is a deadline of Oct. 31 to submit letters pertaining to this year’s election. If you would like to submit a letter, you can do so by sending an email to Local Editor Jason Vallee at Jason.Vallee@patch.com.

Here is a look at some of the letters submitted in favor of Southington Republicans or their candidates:

Jill Notar-Francesco for Board of Education

Dear Editor:

I support Jill Notar-Francesco for re-election to the Southington Board of Education. During her four years on the Board, Jill has proven to be a doer who puts tremendous time and energy into improving the quality of education in Southington.

In our tough economy, Jill has been fiscal responsibility while balancing continuously growing educational needs. We can trust that she’s done her homework to arrive at the very best decisions. She proves that positive results are achieved through dedication and hard work.

Be confident in voting for Jill Notar-Francesco for Board of Education on Nov. 8. I know I will.

Ronnie I. Brzezinski
20 November Lane, Plantsville

Supporting Continued Success
Dear Editor:

In the last 2 years, we saw the lowest taxes in Southington's history, innovative, forward thinking on challenging issues, economic development like never before, management changes and a Leading, Top Notch Education System.

We couldn't have done this without open communication with our Public Safety and Town Staff, our Teachers and our Government Leaders. The Republicans have gone out of their way to seek Business and Government Leaders for Town Council, Finance Majors for the Board of Finance, Parents, Teachers and Educators for the Board of Education and Visionaries for the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Let's continue the success.

Michael A. Riccio
100 Old State Road, Southington


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