The Mad River Glen Bumper Sticker - Stick it Where You Can

It's an annual challenge to get the thing in unique places.

What's more challenging than a Mad River Glen black diamond?

Out-doing the next person with the bumper sticker.

The mountain in Vermont known for its challenging terrain is also known for the red-and-while bumper sticker with the simple challenge: Mad River Glen … Ski It If You Can. Over the years, the slogan has translated into "Stick it Where You Can." There's a general challenge among those who ski there to pose with the bumper sticker in unique and exotic places, and send the pictures back to MRG Marketing Director Eric Friedman.

It's the stuff of legend, just like the mountain. There's the single chair,  a run called bunny that will leave you sore, a trail called Rat that is so out there you think you're in the witness protection program. There are facilities that will never get a five-star rating - not even from the Spartans.           

But that's the glory of it and fun-loving disciples just want to stick the bumper sticker someplace just to, well … stick it to everyone else.

So … regarding that bumper sticker …  

It's been under water on several vacations.

It's been to the Las Vegas Strip, held by an 11-pound lobster right under the famous welcome sign.

One can usually see it stuck to a lift stanchion someone at just about any resort in the world.

It's been on world landmarks.

It's been on fighter jets.

It's been on the back of a pickup truck belonging to the Afghan security forces.

So it's a new season and a new season begs for more bumper stickers in new places.

Who out there has a story?

Or an idea?

I'll fees up to the Vegas lobster incident, but challenge anyone out there to get that sticker in a crazy place. Then, let men know.

In the meantime, I have to think of another great place.


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