Southington Police Gives Tips on Thwarting Thefts from Vehicles

Police have issued the advisory after a rash of thefts from cars parked in the southwest part of Southington.

Over the past  several weeks, the Southington Police Department has investigated numerous thefts from vehicle complaints.  

The Department also has received complaints where the vehicles have been entered but nothing taken. The thefts and vehicles entered have occurred mostly in the southwest portion of town, while the vehicles were parked in residential driveways.  

Residents are asked to do several simple things to keep their valuables safe in their vehicles:

  • Lock your vehicles during the overnight hours;
  • Do not leave valuables GPS, GPS holder, cell phone — in plain view. (This also includes accessories such as cell phone chargers)  It is best to bring these items into your home with you. 
  • When out in public park in busy and well–lighted areas.
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended with keys in the ignition

Residents are encouraged to report anything that appears suspicious.

And most importantly, police say, "Do not confront these people but instead call the police."



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