Berlin's Joe Aresimowicz Announces Program To Prevent Identity Theft

Connecticut residents expecting a tax return may be asked to call a phone call or visit website. This is not a scam.


House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz (D-Berlin/Southington) announced that the state’s Department of Revenue Services (DRS) has implemented a new program to reduce tax return fraud and identity theft.

“If you are expecting a return from the state this year, you might be asked to make a phone call or visit a website to to answer a few questions to make sure that your refund has not been taken by someone who has stolen your identity,” said Aresimowicz. “I want to make sure that folks are aware of this program. I’m concerned that some people might think the request from Department of Revenue Services is a scam and ignore the request.”

Aresimowicz explained that this new security program may cause a brief delay for some filers entitled to refunds, but the result will be much better protection for taxpayers.

“Thieves are becoming more sophisticated in stealing social security numbers, filing tax returns, and getting money that doesn't belong to them. This program will help better protect Connecticut taxpayers,” said Aresimowicz.

Some taxpayers due a state income tax refund will be notified by DRS when the new protection plan indicates the possibility of identity theft. Taxpayers will need to call a toll free number or visit a website in order to answer a few questions where the specific taxpayer should only know the correct answer. Taxpayers who receive letters from indicating the possibility of identity theft may call 1-855-842-1441 (toll-free) to contact DRS.

Aresimowicz said if anyone had more questions or needed help with this new program to email him at Joe.Aresimowicz@cga.ct.gov or call him at (860) 240-8489.

For more information on protecting yourself from identity theft and secure income tax filing through the state’s Taxpayer Service Center, visit the new identity theft web page at www.ct.gov/DRS/identitytheft.


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