Candelora: Malloy's Budget Has Slowed Connecticut's Recovery

With the announcement this week of a higher than predicted budget shortfall, Patch asked State Rep. Vincent Candelora to weigh in on the state's financial situation.


State Comptroller Kevin P. Lembo said earlier this week that the state's mushrooming budget deficit has jumped by another $50 million, bringing the official deficit figure to $415 million. 

However, because of an accounting technicality, Lembo's office has not factored in to that figure Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's recently ordered budget cuts, the Connecticut Mirror reported. 

When those cuts are calculated, the website reports, it brings the actual deficit closer to $290 million. 

In an effort to lower the deficit, Malloy last week announced $170 million in budget cuts, the maximum allowed by a governor without needing legislative approval.

State Rep. Vincent Candelora, who ran unopposed in November for the 86th House District seat and will soon represent voters in Durham, is a member of the legislature's Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee.

The following is a brief Patch Q&A with State Rep. Candelora:

P: Are you confident that the Governor is taking the necessary steps to fix Connecticut's budget shortfall? 

VC: I am confident that the Governor will meet the requirements of the law and provide the cuts necessary to meet our budget shortfall of $415 million established by the Comptroller. I believe that these cuts are the beginning of a long, difficult process. 

P: In your opinion, what steps need to be taken to balance the budget?

VC: The deficit reflects Governor Malloy's failed proposals. Less than eighteen months ago, Governor Malloy proposed a budget of shared sacrifice, which included the largest tax increase in Connecticut history and unachievable spending cuts. This budget has made Connecticut less competitive, has slowed our economic recovery and plunged us into more deficits. Not only do we need to balance this budget by reducing government services as a result, we must make long-term structural changes to fundamentally change our budget practices.  I would propse that we stop using the volitale revenue generated from the stock market  toward our operating budget. We should begin to earmark any revenue increases in this investment income toward paying down our pensions and unfunded liabilties, rather than using that money to grow government. 

P: What are your thoughts on raising taxes to cover the shortfall?

VC: Governor Malloy imposed the highest tax increase in state history and in Fiscal Year 2013, our revenue has declined by over 1 percent from last year.  In these tough times, any additional tax increases only will result in less revenue and Connecticut will be even more uncompettitive.

Patch Associate Regional Editor Eileen McNamara contributed to this report.

Jay Berardino December 06, 2012 at 01:55 PM
State Representative Vincent Candelora continues to offer me a glimmer of hope that the democratic process in Connecticut can work. When I read in the news of a Bridgeport democrat candidate for state house being arrested for hit and run then going on to be elected and then getting arrested again for assault prior to being sworn in to office I have to question the judgement of the voters who elect people like that. And when I see no effort on the part of Democrat leadership in Hartford to persuade this person to step down and make way for a new candidate to fill that position and the public trust it entails, then logic forces me to question just who or what exactly is being served. My compliments to the voters in the 86th district for sending a man of integrity and sound judgement to Hartford to represent them and a hearty thank you to Representative Candelora for being willing to do so. Connecticut will have to elect more people of Mr. Candelora's caliber if we're ever to turn Connecticut around.
Michael Hayes December 06, 2012 at 02:47 PM
For anyone interested in what Jay Berardino is referring to here's an article on CT Post http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Arrest-raises-questions-about-Ayala-s-ability-to-4094781.php#photo-3336503
Palin Smith December 06, 2012 at 07:26 PM
Just cut spending across the board by whatever amount it takes to balance the budget. What's so hard about doing that?
Scott Wheeler December 06, 2012 at 10:21 PM
Revenue will continue to fall for Connecticut, people are leaving especially the younger generation in search of good jobs and a cheaper cost of living. Connecticut is killing the boating market, small business, and giving money to fortune 100 companies to keep headcount. Entitlement programs are underfunded and unions are forcing manufacturing to move. This circle will not change and taxes will be raised once again regardless of cutting. You can attend the University of Miami cheaper than Uconn. I am afraid the damage is too deep and I am not waiting for it to change as I cannot afford it. A change of scenery will be nice and much cheaper.
edmund dantes December 10, 2012 at 04:51 AM
Everyone knew that Malloy's massive tax hikes and refusal to curtail headcount in the state government would be a disaster for the CT economy. Don't act surprised, this is what the voters asked for. CT is becoming more like Michigan. People with the ability to leave are going for greener pastures. Those who are anchored by homes that are underwater on their mortgage are stuck, and they will pay ever higher taxes for a declining quality of life.


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