Council Reviews Hotel Abatement; D’Angelo Honored at Last Meeting

In a busy night Monday, the Southington Town Council reviewed an economic measure designed to enhance local existing hotels and honored Council member Anthony D’Angelo, who will retire from office with the November election following eight years on the co

Tax abatement could be the key to helping improve Southington hotels and boosting economy, Coordinator Louis Perillo III said, but Town Council members are hoping to get more information on what hotels would use the abatement and its impact on Southington.

“I think it’s a great thing, but I've heard questions from residents and would like to know more about which hotels would use it and what the direct impact would be on the town’s side,” Council Chairman Edward Pocock III said Monday.

The council voted unanimously to table the request until their next meeting, scheduled for Nov. 14, to gauge interest from the eight local hotels and motels eligible.

The motion would provide a five-year tax abatement on new real estate and personal property for eligible existing hotels and motels that commit to $100,000 or more in renovations.

With a guarantee that the town will not lose any existing tax revenues, Perillo said Monday that the abatement program could help generate growth in the local economy.

“Many of these hotels are in excess of 20 years old,” Perillo said. “Our hotels provide a considerable amount of taxation in both real estate and personal property, especially on an acreage build out basis."

“Hotels offer an opportunity for the multiplier effect of the infusion of revenue to an area offering growth and expansion opportunities for further corridor development,” he said.

The Town Council when Perillo first came before the council to ask them to consider the program as part of an effort to strengthen local economy in town. He said by improving their facilities, each hotel would be more likely to bring additional visitors to town, who would in turn spend their money at Southington businesses.

Despite a public hearing Monday, no residents spoke in favor or against the program. One resident asked councilors to make sure this would benefit the town before approving the breaks.

Under the program, Perillo said existing hotels that have at least ten rooms would be eligible to receive the abatement. Such abatement would apply only to the new real estate or personal property added to each facility and only if hotels spend $100,000 or more on renovations.

The town currently receives $516,853.46 in real estate taxes from eligible hotels and an additional $22,097.26 in personal property taxes, according to information provided by the .

Perillo said for the typical $100,000 investment, hotels would be able to abate $6,713.42 in taxes during the first five years, and the town would receive $2,039.52 cents in new tax income during years six through eight, Perillo said.

“It’s a plan that will allow the hotels to recoup their investment and encourage them to grow and renovate,” he said.

A Farewell for Anthony D’Angelo

After eight years of service on the Southington Town Council, and decades of work on committees and boards throughout town, Democrat Anthony D’Angelo will hang up his political coat.

D’Angelo was recognized and thanked by members of the Town Council Monday as he received proclamations from the town and U.S. Rep. John Larson.

“Eight years is a long-time and Tony, you’ve done a lot for this town,” said Town Council Chairman Edward Pocock III. “You always put Southington first. It’s been an honor and a privilege serving with you. You will be missed.”

D’Angelo, 64, after eight years in office. He said although he has enjoyed serving, his time had come to retire from public office.

Working through four different councils, D’Angelo said he received a lot of support from those around him, especially close political friend John Barry, and was fortunate to work with a group of people from each party who were completely dedicated to improving the town of Southington.

“There were times when we differed, but I’m happy to have been a part of group that cares about Southington so much,” D’Angelo said. “You have all displayed a true love of Southington and a true dedication. All eight (current councilors) town a great place.”

Barry said with all he has done for the town, D’Angelo will be missed.

“I have gotten to know Tony and his whole family, his wife Mary-Ann, his daughters. He has been an invaluable resource,” Barry said. “I relied on Tony immensely while on the council. He has been a wonderful representative of the people.“

‘In other notes…’

Members of the were recognized for 100 years of service to the community as the prepare they celebrate their centennial anniversary. . .Councilors used committee reports to review all that has been accomplished in the past two years. . .Monday’s meeting was the last under the current council, with at least one new member set to begin following the Nov. 8 election...


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