2012 National Plug In Day

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CCSU's Global Environmental Sustainability Action Coalition (GESAC) and New England Electric Auto Assn (NEEAA) are firming up activities for the big NPID day! Tentatively we're planning the following: 12noon - EVs begin to arrive and park behind the Student Center 1pm - Opening remarks and Conversion Electric Vehicles presentation followed by Q&A 2pm - Factory-Made EVs presentation followed by Q&A 3pm - Connecticut Infrastructure for EVs 4pm - Static display of EVs Presenters are still being confirmed. Check back for details or RSVP to be notified when updates are available.


1615 Stanley Street
New Britain, CT 06050

You may have noticed that people who drive the new plug in electrics can't help smiling about it. We're celebrating Plug In Day because these new vehicles are so much better, and we want to share the news. Come join us for an event where you'll get to see and possibly drive an electric vehicle and learn from real drivers what they already know:

  • Plugging In makes driving far more convenient. We charge at home, which means our "tanks" are always full when we leave the house. We seldom, and many of us never, have to make a trip to a gas station.

  • Cheaper to fuel. Imagine paying the equivalent of about $.75 per gallon of gas and almost nothing for maintenance or repairs.

  • More fun to drive. They go everywhere and accelerate like a rocket.

  • Cleaner. Less gas means less pollution, even when taking into account pollution from electricity used to charge nearly all EVs in nearly all locations.

  • Freedom from oil. Each year in the US we burn roughly 121 billion gallons of oil in our passenger cars and trucks. That means we're spending about $1 billion a day on imported oil. Enough!

These new vehicles are changing America. Thousands of American workers in at least 20 states are building EVs and other advanced vehicles and components. Momentum is growing - more than three times the number of plug in electrics have been sold than new hybrid cars at the same point after their introduction.

George W September 23, 2012 at 11:13 AM
Actually, I have never noticed people in their plug-ins smiling unless it's a grimace on the way to or from their 60 hour per week job that they don't want to lose. What a joke! This nation is only ever so marginally closer to "plug in" vehicles. In fact, it is so paltry, one could easily say what we have now is just another Detroit fad to go the way of any style fad that's come out of the Motor City, been marketed to heck and then fade from view for the next fad. Until the President and Congress start getting real on energy independence the only plug that will ever be put in is the nozzle at the gas pump. Strip the world of Islam of their of their continual bargaining chip -- oil -- and you will also do a heck of a lot to get rid of their brand of terrorism and hatred and they can go back to squabbling amongst themselves over sharing camel ointment.


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