Southington Closes All Town Facilities Until Noon Tuesday; No Plans to Open Shelter

Town Manager provides recommendations and reminders to residents as Hurricane Sandy begins to impact the region.


Southington closed all public facilities at 12 p.m. today for a period of 24 hours. Town offices, the library, and other public buildings will not reopen until noon Tuesday. 

The Southington School District already made the decision yesterday to shut its schools both Monday and Tuesday.  

Despite the latest precaution, Town Manager Garry Brumback states that the city has no plans to open any shelters at this point.

"We haven't been hit by the the really terrible weather that was predicted so far," explains Brumback.

However, town officials are continuing to monitor conditions, Brumback said, and "will make decisions with respect to the shelters and other public safety measures according to the evolving circumstances of the hurricane."

In the meantime, Brumback advises residents to "keep paying attention" to their local news sources for updates. He also echoes the general safety recommendations expressed by Governor Malloy and other state officials.

"Make sure you are prepared for extended power outages. Have ample supplies, enough for four or five days, at least. And stay inside, and stay off the roadways."

Earlier today, the governor imposed a travel prohibition on Connecticut's highways for all non-essential vehicles.

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Melody Sutter- Fisher October 30, 2012 at 08:36 AM
No plans to open a shelter, you know you could give the homeless a break in this weather, shelters should not be only for those driven from their homes, some have none, and would welcome a place to stay on a rainy windy night, and a blanket and a hot meat.
Connie Welton October 31, 2012 at 11:45 PM
I agree completely with you. Those without regular shelter deal with the elements all the time. In this devastating storm, they are among the most vulnerable.


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