Updated Middle School Renovation Plan Will Have to Wait

Southington's Middle School Building Committee is awaiting a revised floor plan that will include 19 changes.

The town's Middle School Building Committee is nearing completion for a final floor plan at both and , but as architects finish up the revisions, a final decision will have to wait.

Committee members confirmed Tuesday that Fletcher Thompson, the architecture firm hired to construct the final floor plan for the project, continues to work on the blueprint after the committee suggested 19 changes just a week ago.

The Record-Journal reported Monday that Christopher Palmieri is not concerned about the delay, instead crediting Fletcher Thompson for taking on the challenge and answering questions in a short amount of time:

"It helps to have it in writing rather than just hearing about it," Palmieri said. "There is no miscommunication."

Last week, the Record Journal also reported that the meeting included changes to the auditorium, which would have lost seats due to upgrades and safety requirements.

Other changes include moving the custodial offices to the first floor rather than the basement and changing the cafeteria floor plans to allow for two lines rather than one, committee members said Tuesday.

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Arthur Cyr August 01, 2012 at 01:23 PM
The Middle School Building Committee meetings are highly productive and constructive. The last meeting on July 24 saw a 19 item change request sheet done by school staff of both schools that was accepted by the committee and the architects. There has also been significant changes proposed by the committee and/or staff to the preliminary designs of outside areas such parking and athletic fields. The process is working well.
John W August 01, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Why, thank you, Arthur for your complimentary comments that I can only categorize as kissing the ol' ass. You pseudo-objective assessment of this meeting is a wonderful summarization for what may be self-explanatory but for the busy executive this brief is extremely handy to assess status.
Arthur Cyr August 01, 2012 at 06:57 PM
Thank you "W", but you are incorrect. Maybe you should attend an occasional meeting and you then you might appreciate what's going on.


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