Would You Support Medical Marijuana Stores in Southington?

The Southington Planning and Zoning Commission’s Continuous Improvement Committee tonight will explore how to properly zone the production and distribution of medical marijuana.

The use of marijuana for legal medical treatment has passed through the state legislature, but some local residents are concerned that the new law could open up a world of trouble when it comes to preventing recreational use in town.

Now members of the Planning and Zoning Commission are attempting to do their part to try and help make sure any production, sale and distribution of marijuana is properly regulated – and they are asking for help from the public in determining the best way to move forward.

Steve Kalkowski, chairman of the commission’s Continuous Improvement Committee, is asking residents to join him tonight at 7 p.m. in as the committee hosts a public input session into how to zone medical marijuana in Southington.

“It’s an effort to make sure everything is properly regulated in accordance with state law,” Kalkowski said.

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The legislature . The legalization has left some in the community concerned, however.

Director Sue Saucier is among those who have expressed concerns over how to regulate and told the Record-Journal that she is in favor of trying to keep any medical marijuana stores from being brought into Southington:

“If we can not have any dispensaries in Southington, that’s something I’d be in favor of,” Saucier said.

So where do you stand on medical marijuana? Was it the right decision to legalize? How would you like to see the town regulate the distribution? If a store must be allowed, where would you have it put?

Share your thoughts in our comments section below and let your voice be heard!

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Ed Costello June 03, 2012 at 10:01 PM
Well since you are not convinced Mr./Dr. Hunt, that settles it. That is all you have to say about the health effects of marijuana use? You are intelligent enough to become a doctor and you are looking for fairness and legal consistency in America? Let me clue you in, life aint fair and it certainly isn't consistent. Your argument is that alcohol is dangerous but legal so we need to take steps to legalize a drug that is also dangerous to be fair to our citizens? I have to ask ..............what kind of doctor? Let me guess............Holistic? Let me guess again is it a Ph.D. The one thing you are correct about is that I am extremely unaware of what goes on in Holland, Spain, Portugal and Peru. The reason you are correct is that I do not care what goes on in those countries. Comparing the US to those countries is like comparing New York city to Mayberry. It doesn't work. I live here in the US where federal law states that Marijuana is illegal. I support those laws. I need to add that I hope that the patients that do need the effects of marijuana find an alternative that helps them cope daily with their illness and that terminal patients get what they need also, to make the end of their lives more comfortable. Legalization for all is not the answer in my opinion. You also should clarify the percentage of the fifteen billion that was used to battle the marijuana trade. The use of skewed data weakens your argument.
Kevin_Hunt June 03, 2012 at 11:17 PM
"you are looking for fairness and legal consistency in America?" Yes I am. It's incomprehensible to me that you are not; but you have already declared that you are not interested in rational dialog. The degree that I am working on is not a medical or "holistic" degree, but a PhD in Engineering. "Comparing the US to those countries is like comparing New York city to Mayberry. It doesn't work. " Show me a better case study in decriminalization/legalization. You hope that patients "find an alternative". Obviously you haven't read the science or case studies that show that marijuana works for ailments that conventional treatments don't work for. Why should you care about patients' suffering; since "life ain't fair"? Marijuana prohibition costs $7.7 billion annually Source: Dr. Jeffrey Miron (2005) The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition
Eric Burns June 04, 2012 at 03:07 AM
Some people should crawl out of the Stone Age and get at least some fraction of a clue. Marijauna has been used for thousands and thousands of years. Its been illegal for a few as well. Since being made illegal, 100% of people never touched it in the following decades. Oh wait, people will always want it. So people will always sell it. Why not tap into that revenue? Why not legitimize a trade that will ALWAYS be around no matter how much you don't like it. If you're so worried about children, how can you possibly think that it would be any easier for a kid to get something regulated at a state level, than it would be for him to get it on a level regulated by when his older sisters boyfriend gets out of school and can sell him a 20 bag. Something else for this Ed character. Hate to break it to you, but maybe if you turned the volume down on bill oreilly, you'd be able to realize that what happens in the rest of the world can affect us here in the States. Its 2012 man. Maybe you should put down the joint for a minute or two.
Kevin_Hunt June 04, 2012 at 03:32 AM
Eric, Speaking of Bill O'Reilly; I remember watching Bill O'Reilly debating marijuana legalization years ago. Even Bill admitted that he didn't have a problem with some guy minding his own business and smoking weed in his own basement. It's funny how once in a blue moon you run into a former marijuana user like Ed that is against legalizing it even for terminal cancer patients. Some of those types go on to be presidential candidates like Gingrinch or Santorum. Some of them make it all of the way to the White House.
Toots Shore June 04, 2012 at 09:58 AM
Well, I hope you don't plan to visit your own "darn prescription happy doctor" in the near future because the digital rectal exam's gonna kill yah. Doctors and the AMA will be happy to know that you consider them drug pushers and a hazard to helping those who are sick and need this medication.


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