Real Estate Sales: Loper Street Home Sells for $408,000

Wondering who your new neighbor is or what your house might sell for? Take a look at the list of the recent real estate sales in Southington.

249 Loper St. in Southington. (Credit: Southington GIS)
249 Loper St. in Southington. (Credit: Southington GIS)
Here's a look at some of the most recent sales in Southington as reported by theĀ Southington Town Clerk:

Dec. 3

$237,500; 564 S. Farm Courts in Southington; Rose M. and Francesca B. Purcell to William W. and Linda H. Weber. Sold on Dec. 3.

$409,700; Fieldstone Lane, Lot #13, in Southington; CT Land and Homes, LLC, to Anthony J. Cipriano Jr. and Lisa Cipriano. Sold on Dec. 3.

$250,000; 100 Old Turnpike Road in Southington; Campagna Properties, LLC, to Jason Barth and Richard Henne. Sold on Dec. 3.

$414,757; 103 Walker's Crossing, Lot #7, in Southington; AA Denorfia Building and Development, LLC, to Scott M. Rossignol. Sold on Dec. 3.

$408,000; 249 Loper St. in Southington; Grace Gulli to Adam Robert and Erin Marie Floridia. Sold on Dec. 3.

$350,000; 42 Madalyn Lane in Southington; DC Development and Construction, LLC, to Alyssa Calvanese and Nicholas Martino. Sold on Dec. 3.

Dec. 4

$123,000; 392 Lakeview Drive in Southington; Glenn and Eva Schusterman, co-trustees of the Claire D. Schusterman Residence Trust, to Mark L. and Elaine P. Isenberg. Sold on Dec. 4.

Dec. 5

$251,000; 66 Fern Drive in Plantsville; Charles W. and Marilyn Lounz to Stephen E. and Bonnie L. Froberg. Sold on Dec. 5.

Dec. 6

$273,780; 500 Mill St., Unit #1, in Southington; LePage Homes, LLC, to Grace Gulli. Sold on Dec. 6.

Dec. 9

$334,000; 26 Royal Oak Drive in Southington; Bernard R. and Moira W. Sherwill to Scott and Silah Patterson. Sold on Dec. 9.

$331,500; 495 Spring St. in Southington; Matthew C. Miller to Steven A. and Katie E. White. Sold on Dec. 9.

$260,000; 133 Malcein Drive in Southington; Christopher M. Magril to Jeremy D. Klein and Logan M. Hoganson. Sold on Dec. 9.

$180,000; 55 Columbus Ave., Unit #20, in Southington; Gary Santucci to Daniel P. Olsen. Sold on Dec. 9.

$285,000; 133 Mill St. in Southington; Anna Repan Mongillo to Mariwz Grabowski. Sold on Dec. 9.

Be sure to check in next week to find out who bought the home near you, what homes are going for and who your new neighbors will be.

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