Effort to Enhance Services Lead to Added School Partnerships

Several local groups have partnered with the Board of Education in an effort to provide additional resources for parents and grandparents of Southington schoolchildren.

The following was written by School Superintendent Joseph V. Erardi Jr. and first published on the Southington Schools website. Erardi hosts a blog on his website to help keep parents informed of happenings with Southington Schools and schoolchildren throughout the community.

I am really pleased to share with you an update on the () continued effort to prioritize partnerships within the Southington community. Most recently, this is illustrated by my office having the opportunity to better understand and to meet with two organizations that are working hard for children:

The Next Steps Parent Group:
This is a grassroots effort by Southington adults intended to offer parents a platform to better understand best practice for all children. The group has a monthly focus and meeting that will include one area of special needs learning. However, the group is open to all parents, grandparents and guardians of children.  Additional information about the group can be obtained by clicking on http://www.gbfvcc.org/.

Grandparents and Others Raising Children
: This is a support and discussion group of adults who are raising youngsters as the child’s primary care provider. This is a dedicated group of adults who meet to discuss how they can best support the child, each other, and how they can collaborate resources for all. They meet monthly. Any grandparent, or anyone else who is not the biological parent of a child who is now the primary care provider, would be welcomed to join the group. If interested, please contact the group’s chair, Joanne Skurat, at joanneskurat54@gmail.com.

As school superintendent I applaud both groups and warmly welcome their partnerships with our work.


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