From Erardi: 'Our World Has Changed Forever'

Schools reopened Monday with plans in place to assure student safety, School Superintendent Joseph V. Erardi Jr. said.

From the blog of Joseph V. Erardi Jr., Southington School Superintendent:

Dear Parents:

Our world has once again changed forever.

It has been a difficult and busy weekend preparing for Monday.

We, as an administration, have been blessed with so many staff members and community members stepping forward offering their expertise and insight. Your site level administrator will do her/​his absolute best to answer any and all questions you may have as we move forward with teaching and learning.

I worry about our children and staff as we try to cope with our neighbor’s tragedy. Please let your administrator know if you need any kind of support or assistance as America tries to move forward in the coming days.

Last evening over 300 parents participated in an ongoing dialogue regarding safety. The best plan moving forward includes a review of our entire present practice pertaining to safety, and perhaps, more importantly, having continued relationships with every student and staff member in the district.

During these most difficult days, I am blessed to work with a school board, cabinet, administrative team, staff, and parents second to none. We will persevere and lead with common sense and compassion and never forget our fallen colleagues and their students.

Perhaps today more so than any day in the past six years...I am incredibly privileged to lead this district.

Please do not hesitate to call or write to share your thoughts.

Finally, on Wednesday, December 19, I will be meeting with the Executive Parent Council at 7:00 p.m. at Hatton Elementary School. I extend an invitation to every parent as our hour will focus on the role of the parent within our schools.

God bless all of our children.


Dr. Joseph V. Erardi, Jr.


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