Kennedy Students Recorgnized for Academic, Athletic Achievements

A total of 11 students were recognized as part of a special celebration on Wednesday.

The following was submitted by Kelly Del Debbio, secretary at Kennedy Middle School.

Kennedy Middle School in Plantsville recently announced the names of its December Students of the Month. Teachers nominated these students for their academic improvement on performance, exemplary citizenship, and/or participation in extracurricular activities.

Sixth-grade students of the Month are Jared Cote, Jamie Lamson, Amanda Perkowski and Allison Stanton.

Cote, the son of Jennifer Perna and Adrian Cote, is the grade 6 Unified Arts Student of the Month for his work in art. Always a hard worker, he encourages others to do their best as well. In class Cote asks great questions, and he is always excited to meet a challenge. A member of the Comedy/Improv Club, and book club, he is a big helper at home. Cote’s interests include reading, playing video games, spending time with his family, working with action figures and computer technology and wrestling.

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Lamson, the son of Jamie and Amy Lamson, is a good-natured, cooperative student who gives 100 percent to all his academic subjects. His work ethic is impeccable, and he remains focused and productive throughout the day no matter what his education setting. An honor roll student, he self-advocates in a polite, respectful manner. Lamson plays town baseball, football, and travel basketball. He volunteers for the Humane Society and he enjoys cooking and attending football games.

Perkowski is the daughter of Michael and Barbara Perkowski. She has high standards for herself and always strives to do her best in all her classes. She is a member of the Builders Club, the cross country team, the band, and the New Eagle Jazz group. Perkowski plays town softball and she enjoys reading and playing outdoors.

The daughter of Sean and Tracie Stanton, Allison Stanton exemplifies the qualities of an exceptional student. In and out of school she gives her best, and her passion for helping others goes beyond her years. She is a member of best Buddies, the orchestra, Con Brio, the Stock Market Club and the school newspaper staff. Stanton is an acolyte at her church and a volunteer for the Pumpkin Patch and Rails to trails. She takes dancing and swimming lessons and has earned her Bronze Award in Girl Scouts by cleaning and planting at Derynoski Elementary School.

Seventh-grade students of the month are Kaitlyn DeMaio, Zachary MacDonald, and Sana Saeed. 

DeMaio, the daughter of Mark and Christine DeMaio, is a hardworking, reliable student who is a loyal friend and supporter to her classmates. She is a member of the honor roll, the National Junior Honor Society, the Ping Pong Club, the Ski/Snowboard Club and the Woodwinds swing choir. DeMaio plays town soccer, raises funds for Christmas Child and CT Phalanx, and enjoys reading, writing, drawing and playing flag football.

The son of Mark and Heather MacDonald, Zachary MacDonald is a polite young man who always puts forth 100-percent effort. A hard worker and a pleasure to have in class, he demonstrates determination in everything he does. A member of the Myachi Club, Zach plays town football and enjoys drawing and watching movies.

Saeed, the daughter of Azhar and Farzana Saeed, is a positive, friendly and helpful. She advocates for herself, takes suggestions as opportunities for growth and not as criticism.

Eighth-grade students of the month are Dante D’Agostino, Matthew Gundersen, Rachel Huff, Delaney Picard and Ryan Sheehan. 

D'Agostino, the son of Joseph and Joanne D’Agostino, is a hard worker who gets along well with his peers. Attentive and personable, he is eager to be successful. He is a member of Best Buddies and plays town basketball, baseball, soccer and football. D'Agostino is an altar server, and he likes to go camping, fishing, and hunting with his family is well as watch movies with them.

The son of Kyle and BethAnn Gundersen, Matthew Gundersen is an excellent student who always applies himself to everything he does. An honor roll student who is a member of the ski/Snowboard Club, he is well-liked by all. Gundersen plays town lacrosse and SVMFL Bronco’s football and he does volunteer work at his church.

Rachel, the daughter of Ronald and Maria Huff, is a conscientious student who works well with her peers.  Always willing to help others, she has been a significant asset to her team and a pleasure to have in class. Rachel is an honor roll student and a member of the Drama Club, the National Junior Honor Society, the band and the swing choir. She plays town softball and volunteers for STEPS and her church’s youth ministry group. Her interests include the Newington Children’s Theater and her lessons in voice and clarinet.

Delaney Picard, the eighth-grade World Language student of the month, is the daughter of Ron and Margaret Picard. An honor roll student, she is a hardworking, conscientious and enthusiastic language learner. Considerate and polite, she actively participates in class and works well both independently and with her peers. Picardy is a member of the softball team, the band and the Spanish Club. She plays town softball and volunteers for field clean-up. Her interests include hanging out with her family and friends and attending strengthening and conditioning classes.

Sheehan, the eighth-grade Physical Education Student of the month, is the son of Michael and Michelle Sheehan. Ryan Sheehan always comes to class prepared, and he consistently puts forth his best effort. He has a positive attitude and with his qualities of leadership and sportsmanship he is a role model for his peers. He is an honor roll student and a member of the baseball team and MATHCOUNTS as well as a manager of the basketball and soccer teams. Sheehan plays town baseball and basketball, helps at his church and likes to exercise.

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