Super Bowl Venue Is A Favorite Pick

The local favorites may not have been in Super Bowl XLV, but that didn't stop the fun at Elks Lodge #1669.

You can't escape Super Bowl Sunday unless you live under a rock, but you can choose where and who you'll spend the night with watching the game. The 45th annual football favorite or NFL XLV, played out nicely at Southington Elks Lodge #1669.

"Although the Elks Lodge is a private club members are always welcome to invite guests for special events " said Mark Pruzin, Exalted Ruler. "We expect about 40 - 50 people. Super Bowl Extravaganza is just one of many events Elks Club organizes."

"We do a lot for the community and we want people to know that it's a great venue for people to socialize. We take good care of people and the details that go along with hosting events," he said. "It's a source of pride for Elk  members."

Pruzin rooted for the Green Bay Packers win, but it was by default as his team of choice, the New York Giants, were eliminated in regular season play.

He got his wish as the Packers held off the Pittsburgh Steelers behind the efforts of MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers in a 31-25 thriller that came down to the final minute.

Unlike a sports bar, the club's flat screen T.V.s are strategically place at each end of the bar, with an additional one in the common sitting area. A fire kept the room warm and everyone had their spot secured.

Diane Ross , a 23-year member had the best seat in the house directly in front of the monitor.

"I came at 4:30 and I'm most looking forward to the commercials," Ross said. She was hoping the Pittsburgh Steelers win but not because she's a fan.

Many of the patrons picked either Packers or Steelers by default when their favorites didn't make the title game.

As is a common Super Bowl tradition a pool for the winning team was in full swing. Each $25 box has a potential earnings of $2,500 but most winners take less as it gets split  among the four quarter scores.

Munchies of wings, ziti and salad were served and when Green Bay scored the first the touchdown people started paying closer attention.

Denis Ross said he really didn't have a favorite team. Ross was busy scanning the pool sheet to see what numbers he had.

"I'm here mainly because I want to see my square come in"  he said.

An unidentified viewer said he chose the Elks Lodge to watch the game  because "the atmosphere is a lot more sophisticated here. I know everyone and it's like being at home, only better."

The Boutin family sat together and were rooting for Green Bay Packers.

"I would've liked to see the Giants play but when all is said and done, you pick from the teams who are in the game,"  Denny Boutin said.


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