TD Homer's Grill To Show Olympics In 3D

The bar will offer free 3D glasses to the first 2,500 customers who come to watch the games.

Imagine LeBron James practically leaping out of the television to throw down a tomahawk dunk on a breakaway for Team USA. Picture Usain Bolt bursting out of the starting blocks such that he seems likely to knock over your table’s pitchers and peanuts. Or envision Michael Phelps kick-turning off the wall as if he were about to freestyle right through the middle of the bar and leave a crowd of customers drenched in his wake.

Fans who watch the Summer Olympics at on one of its giant, 3D televisions will indeed have the opportunity to see world-class athletes literally appear to come out of the screen. While the games are in progress, the bar will furnish complimentary 3D glasses to anyone who joins their new, and free, “TD3D Club”.

“A 3DTV club at TD Homer’s Grill was a natural fit,” Co-owner Phil Barnett said in a news release. “A lot of people have seen movies in 3D, but checking out your favorite sporting event or team in 3D is a whole new experience.”

After the closing ceremonies in August, the bar will continue to make the glasses available for future sporting telecasts, although the price for a pair will be $2. Patrons who join the TD3D Club during the Olympics promotion are encouraged to retain their 3D eyewear. The bar will notify club members of larger events that will be shown in 3D, along with exclusive club offers.

TD Homer’s has ordered 2,500 pairs of glasses for the Olympics, and, with the bar serving hundreds of customers daily, its supply could go quickly.

The bar has three 3D sets, but for customers who seek a less intense way to watch the Olympic games, TD Homer’s also features more than 90 regular HDTVs. These include a set in every booth and even TV screens in the restrooms, so fans do not have to miss a minute of competition.

The Summer Olympics are scheduled from July 27th – Aug. 12th

Daniel Anderson August 14, 2012 at 04:52 AM
This is a heavy investment as 3D LED television and the 3D glasses do not come cheap. No doubt it might increase the grill’s business, however, will that cover the cost that are spent on the televisions and the high utilities expenses? I believe the grill’s owners and co-owners must have given enough consideration before making the purchases. Perhaps after the Olympic, they can use it for other major sports events like the World Cup or Formula One race etc.


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