Duck Race to Benefit Less Fortunate

There's still time to purchase tickets to the annual duck race this Saturday.

Community members will place their hopes in dozens of small orange ducks this Saturday during the Sixth Annual Duck Race held at Recreation Park.

Organized by community services and the Calvanese Foundation, the event raises money for Southington Community services, as well as benefitting non-profit organizations that purchase tickets.

Community Services Director Janet Mellon said ticket sales have been low this year, unfortunately at a time when the need is the greatest. Right now food pantry storages are significantly low, while the need is increasingly high.

"I don't know if it's because school is over and we rely so much on their help, or if it's just the economy, but we're really short on food," Mellon said. "People have been coming and in asking 'where is your backup food?' and we keep telling them there isn't any. This fundraiser would really help us."

The duck race works by each participant purchasing a duck placed on Recreation Park's pond. The fire department sprays the ducks with hoses until the winners make it across.

Businesses have donated lots of high dollar items and services including a $1000 Wal-Mart gift certificate, six family membership to the YMCA and a $500 Target gift certificate.

"Businesses have been very generous as always, but ticket sales are really low this year, so hopefully more people will come out," Calvanese Foundation President Kathy Reinhard said. "It really is for a good cause."

To purchase $5 tickets, visit the Community Services Department office located at 91 Norton Street or by calling (860) 276-6271.


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