A Dangerous World, Part 1

The United States is strategically weak in an increasingly dangerous world.

The United States is strategically weak in an increasingly dangerous world. Now much of the Arab world is in turmoil with protestors demonstrating against the U.S. and attacking its embassies. One can expect that there will be a continuing period of rising anti-U.S. animosities not only in the Arab world but also in many other parts of the world. The United States, with its nation-weakening national and foreign policies, has been weakening itself and creating its own enemies for years and world wide.  

Now a reality I have been stating for years must be faced, that is; For as long as the U.S. has its current nation-weakening monetary and banking system the U.S. cannot progress and win strategically, in peace or in war, even if it has the most powerful military forces in the world.

For the constructive survival and progress of the U.S., and for improving many lives, there should be a quick and vigorous strengthening of the nation. The nation’s exploitive and nation-weakening monetary and banking system should be constructively modified and reformed and all national strengths—political, economic, geopolitical, diplomatic, social, and military—should be increased and coordinated in order to increase the nation’s relative strategic power. This is imperative because the U.S. will either strengthen itself, under its own pro-U.S. leaders, or it will erode into further weakness with ultimate leaders—revolutionary, radical, foreign, or international--who can be expected to exploit the people of the United States.

Those statements may sound extreme. However, I have been making accurate and significant forecasts for years. For example, in 1936, I forecast that the U.S. would be in a major world war within five years and, in November, 1941, I published two forecasts that the U.S. would soon be at war with Japan, and both forecasts were correct. In 1946, I publicly forecast a crisis in “1949 or 1950” and the war with North Korea began in 1950.

In 1974, I completed a book entitled “The Monetarists and The Current Crisis,” in which I forecast that the U.S. would lose strategically in relation to its war in Vietnam. I did not find a publisher for that book and the U.S. lost both tactically and strategically. In 1996, I completed a book entitled “The Monetarists and The Continuing Crisis” in which I forecast many current problems. Again, I did not find a publisher. My recent book, “The Monetarists and The Evolving Crisis,” is self-published.  

The Eurozone nations of Western Europe are also having problems. However, at least for the present the U.S. should resolve its own problems by itself, under its own elected leaders, and should reduce all foreign and international entanglements. My book provides guidelines for building and strengthening the relative strategic power of the United States. In a dangerous world the nation must be strong. Also see “A Dangerous World, Part II,” and “TEN ACTIONS FOR BUILDING THE UNITED STATES” on my website.)

(My recent book, “The Monetarists and The Evolving Crisis,” is available through my website www.buildusanow.com as a paperback, Kindle or Nook at Outskirtspress.com, Amazon.com and at Barnesandnoble.com. Please post your comments. Also, please pass the messages of this email along to others.) 

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J. Wiley Dumas September 22, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Dr. James, I thank you for this insightful look at this nation's present course.
Hansa Junchun September 25, 2012 at 02:23 PM
There is only one way out of our present monetarist crisis: MORE OF THE SAME, ONLY HARDER AND FASTER. Benanke has certainly come to the same conclusion, adopting QE+infinity as the next logical step in the debilitating evolution of modern money theory. $40 billion a month open-ended purchases of treasuries are insufficient to meet the big gap in current entitlement spending. Bernanke will quietly double that amount to $80 billion, and then gradually increase that amount as inflation reaches main street and COLA forces a negative feedback loop into action. The only way to buffer the people from this disaster would be for the Fed to release control of interest rates and allow them to float. Which they would do, probably to eight or nine percent, which is what private commercial banks NEED in order to stay in business! The servicing of the national debt would become frighteningly expensive, but as the Federal Reserve originated this fraud by artificially lowering interest rates, it is in their power to buy even more treasuries to cover the cost of the interest rises, thus duping the entire system in the short-term, while permitting the private sector to de-leverage their debts, accumulate some savings, and strengthen commercial banks in the face of an ever-weakening dollar and unstable central bank. Then, the Federal reserve can perish, and take its worthless Federal Reserve Notes with them, leaving perhaps strong, commodity-backed National Bank notes for us.
Andrea McKenna Brankin September 27, 2012 at 01:39 PM
Fascinating post, Dr. James. I find your view as a WWII veteran and an educator particularly interesting. Your profile is amazing and I'm wondering why you have not yet had the support of a publishing firm. I look forward to reading your self-published book.
William H. James, Ph.D. October 04, 2012 at 07:17 PM
Dear Mr. Dumas: I thank you for your very encouraging reply. I wish there were about 2,000 more commendatory statements similar to yours. Much must be done to strengthen and improve our nation. As affairs continue to evolve, I will be posting new comments on my blog as well as on my website www.buildusanow.com. Again, many thanks for your comment. Bill James
William H. James, Ph.D. October 04, 2012 at 07:37 PM
Dear Ms. Brankin. I thank you for your very encouraging reply. I wish I had many more comments similar to yours. Much more must be done to strengthen and build our nation and improve the lives of many people. As events continue to evolve, I will be posting new comments on my blog as well as on my website www.buildusanow.com. I deeply appreciate your interest and I thank you again for your comments. Bill James


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