Ron Goralski
So I'm supposed to talk about myself a little here... well I have a total of five kids ranging in age from 14 to 29.  I have a wife and we have a neurotic little dog.  I'd spent all of my life up until fifteen years ago in Bristol.  I now live in the Lake Garda area of Unionville.  I'm a Realtor by day and a Farmington Valley MudHog Youth Football and Cheerleading board member the remainder of my waking hours.  In fact this will be my 15th and final season as a parent of a Hog.  This will be year thirteen of my newsletter, INSIDE THE HOG PEN, the wildly successful (only because I pout if people don't take a copy from me) newsletter for the league.  I've also been a board member and coach for Farmington Little League and before that I coached in Forestville. When I grow up I'd like to be a famous editorial writer and the author of childrens' books.  I am also an avid bicyclist and a fan of all sports.  My column will be about my experiences as a father of a youth athlete.  I'm beyond passionate when it comes to the quality of sport's leagues that we offer to our children.  I am all about the kids that we are entrusted with as you will soon learn.  This is an exciting opportunity for me to reach out to parents and coaches and learn more about their views on the state of youth sports in the area.  I don't expect you to agree with everything I write.  And that's fine.  Constructive conversation can quite often lead to positive change.  (I think I hear music which means it's time for me to wrap this up.)  Whether its a headache or a chuckle, I hope that you'll take something away from my sentences.  I'll see you in the Patch.   
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